Spring salad

  • Type : Dish
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Preparation :  00:15
  • French cuisine
  • Number of people : 4
  • Chimay products used :
  • Cheeses


- 400 grams of cooked ham diced
- 400 grams of FROMAGE CHIMAY GRAND CRU diced
- 200 grams of mesclun (mixture of young salad leaves)
- 2 tomatoes skinned and pipped
- 2 hard-boiled eggs
- 20 centilitres of chive vinaigrette


Cut the flesh of the tomatoes into strips and the eggs into round slices.


Arrange the mesclun topped with the strips of tomato and the round slices of egg.
Sprinkle with the diced ham and the FROMAGE CHIMAY GRAND CRU.
Add a dribble of chive vinaigrette.
Serve with a slice of baguette and a very fresh CHIMAY ROUGE.
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