Crayfish and rabbit risotto


- 200 grams of risotto rice (arborio rice)
- 1 large onion sliced
- 2 cloves of garlic pressed
- 60 centilitres of poultry stock
- 20 centilitres of CHIMAY TRIPLE
- 150 grams of FROMAGE VIEUX CHIMAY grated
- 3 x 50 grams of butter
- 2 crayfish each 600 grams (pre-cooked)
- 4 joints of rabbit each 120 grams (without membranes)
- 200 grams of (bottled) broad beans
- 16 Brussels sprouts pre-cooked
- 10 centilitres of CHIMAY BLEUE
- 10 centilitres of brown stock


- Heat the CHIMAY TRIPLE and the poultry stock.
- Brown the onion and garlic in 50 grams of butter. Mix in the risotto rice.
- Gradually add a little warm liquid to the rice. Continue by mixing a little more and reducing. Repeat this a dozen times. Finish by adding the FROMAGE VIEUX CHIMAY. Season with pepper and salt.
- Reduce one half of the CHIMAY BLEUE and the brown stock. Thicken with 50 grams of butter.
- Brown the Brussels sprouts and the broad beans.
- Remove the shells from the crayfish, cut the tails into two and remove the intestine.
- Cook the flesh of the crayfish and the joints of rabbit. Add pepper and salt.


Present the risotto topped with the broad beans, Brussels sprouts, a joint of rabbit and a piece of crayfish.
Decorate with a dribble of sauce.
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