Protection of water

"Today more than one billion people lack water. In 2030, according to the United Nations, the scarcity will affect half of humanity." (World Water Forum, March 2009)

Water a prime indispensable resource

The brewery is a large consumer, both for the composition of the beer or during the course of the step of manufacturing and bottling. Natural and pure, all of the water, 100%, comes from the Abbey's wells. This allows good product quality control and total independence at the same time.

This is why the Group invests, upstream as well as downstream, with a view to protecting this precious water.

Research and development for a better respect for water

Scourmont Abbey was, in the 60s, one of the first breweries to use a pondage system. Pursuing its work, the company also developed in recent years numerous initiatives with a view to protect this unique water.

Upstream, a large protected zone around the intake wells was established, as well as reforestation of the zone.

On the production level, efforts were authorized in order to reduce the water/beer ratio, which dropped from 8 litres of water per litre of beer in 2000 to less than 5 litres last year.

Finally, downstream the brewery ensures independent treatment of the water used and works on the project for a purification plant at Baileux (bottling), which is connected with a zoning extension.