Gingerbread with appels and Le Poteaupré cheese

  • Type : Dessert
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Preparation :  00:05
  • Cooking :  00:05
  • French cuisine
  • Number of people : 4
  • Chimay products used :
  • Cheeses


- 2 Jonagold appels
- 40g (3Tbsp) of butter
- A little lemon thyme
- 4 slices of the "Poteaupré" Chimay cheese, rind removed
- 8 slices of honey gingerbread

For the warm vinaigrette :
- 1cl (2tsp) of balsamic vinegar
- 2cl (1 1/2Tbsp) of chimay rouge Beer
- 40g (3Tbsp) of butter
- 20g (1/3 cup) of caster sugar


- Put all the vinaigrette ingredients in a frying pan and let it reduce by half.
- Peel and core the appels.
- Cut the appels into eights.
- Let the butter melt in a frying pan and cook the appel pieces for 2 minutes on each side.
- Sprinkle on the lemon thyme.
- Place the " Le Poteaupré" cheese on the gingerbread and decorate with two slices of apples.


Place two layers together and serve with the warm vinaigrette.
Present the vinaigrette with a dropper pipette (available in pharmacies).
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