Our ethic

Beer worthy of trust, and income destined for social services

The Chimay, brewed exclusively at the Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey, is one of the 7 beers in the world that can display the "Authentic Trappist Product" logo. This logo certifies that the product actually comes from a Trappist abbey, that it was manufactured under the control and responsibility of the Trappist religious community, and that the greater part of the income from its sale is used for social services (most of the profits are dedicated to social work).

The Arnoldus Group

We direct your particular attention to the consumption of our products in moderation. That is why we are associated with the Arnoldus Group, right from its creation.

The Arnoldus Group was founded in 1992 at the initiative of the "Federation of Belgian Brewers". The Group has as its purpose to act in a preventive manner against alcohol abuse, and to promote the responsible consumption of beer.

Respect and appreciation for people

The manual or intellectual labour of the monks is concentrated into 5 to 6 hours maximum, most of the day being consecrated to the search for God through study, silence, and prayer. Nevertheless, it is to ensure their subsistence, aid the poorest, and support their region that the monks of Scourmont develop their food and agricultural activities with respect for the great precept of their founder: the harmonious rotation among prayer, study, and work.

This context quite particularly explains the philosophy of the Chimay Beer Company.

Far from seeking quantity, the company makes it a point of honour to brew a quality product. From the beginning, its growth has been connected with fundamental values, based on respect and appreciation for people, as well as a great precision in the management of the quality of its beers. Here, technology takes a back seat to service.

Natural products

Manufactured based on 100% natural products by the method of top fermentation followed by a re-fermentation in the bottle, Chimay beers are neither filtered nor pasteurized.

At each step in the beer-making process, hygiene and alimentary safety are very strictly observed. Some 3,000 analyses of the beer are made annually along the entire course of its production.

Why so many tests?

Because Chimay beer is neither filtered nor pasteurized and they must prevent the return of entire batches from shipping.

In addition, the water and yeast of the Scourmont Abbey are protected resources. For more information on this subject you are invited consult our environment section.