Sustainable development and social responsibility in terms of the local community and land have always been a part of the DNA and the raison d'être of the Chimay Group.

A respectful and perpetual production

Chimay Beers are produced beginning with entirely natural products: water, yeast, grains (malt and hops). Likewise, the cheeses are composed of prime natural materials, of which the milk is entirely locally produced. The Group is endowed with a Research and Development Committee, and Energy Committee, and a Sustainable Development Committee charged with optimization of technological processes and to elicit their re-examination with a view to preserving necessary resources.

Environmental challenges

Reduction of the dependence on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, making personnel aware of the sources of waste and the preservation of nature, the protection of the immediate environment: the current environmental challenges are sizeable.

Sustainable environment

These last years, in the wake of agreements for the Industry defined by the Kyoto Protcol, Chimay Group enterprises, and particularly the brewery, have put into place a long-term strategy and proceeded with substantial investments with a view to decreasing the carbon footprint and to participate in a sustainable and quality regional environment.