CHIMAY cheese croquettes


- 250 grams of butter
- 400 grams of flour
- 75 centilitres of full-cream milk
- 25 centilitres of CHIMAY TRIPLE
- 500 grams of CHIMAY GRAND CLASSIQUE cheese cut into small pieces
- 5 egg yolks
- Pepper, salt and nutmeg
- 5 egg whites
- Roast breadcrumbs


- Make a white sauce with the flour, butter, milk and CHIMAY TRIPLE. Season with pepper and salt, and add the nutmeg.
- Add the egg yolks and the CHIMAY GRAND CLASSIQUE cheese. Do not allow to boil.
- Pour the sauce into a floured container and refrigerate for 12 hours (over night).
- Cut the mass into pieces of equal size (using a stainless steel ring from instance).
- Toss the pieces in the flour, the lightly whisked egg white, pepper and salt, and finally in the breadcrumbs. Leave to rest for a short time.
- Cook the cheese croquettes in frying fat (beef dripping) pre-heated to 180°C.


Present with a little fried parsley and a chive vinaigrette.
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