The Chimay Gold






A short time before the construction of the Trappist brewery in 1862, the monks at Chimay set about to brew in small quantities an easily digestible beer light in alcohol (4.8% per volume) whose gustatory palette placed it within the style of its predecessors. It was at the time reserved for members of the monastic community. Over time, this beer called “Golden” continued to reside within the abbey. It was subsequently offered to guests of the community then to staff members working for Chimay.

Despite its lower alcohol content, it is still a highly fermented Trappist beer whose touch of hops and spicy aromas never fails to delight all who taste it. As a new public progressively discovered it, the demand to be able to find it outside the abbey grew. The brewery was now faced with a dilemma: to choose between keeping only for itself a product that had already conquered fans in a purely spontaneous manner or make it available on the market. The brewery has thus opted for an intermediate solution: offering “Golden” for public enjoyment in a limited number of HORECA establishments.


Taste: touch of hops and spicy aromas

Type of foa: A fine, snow-like layer

Alcohol content : 4,8% vol.alc.

Shelf life: It should be served around 6°-8°C