When gastronomy and landscape are in perfect harmony

The Poteaupré Inn pub-restaurant is the ideal stop to savour under the best conditions the products of the Scourmont Abbey and those of the Chimay region. Come and enjoy the aromas of the Chimay trappist beers and the flavours of the cheeses that accompany them. Discover unique products like the "Poteaupré Special" - a pure malt beer served from the cask, brewed exclusively for the Inn, and don't forget the Poteaupré cheese, the cream of the trappist cheeses and scores of other unique experiences...

A large dining room opening onto a magnificent terrace and the forested countryside as far as the eye can see accommodates up to 150 people. In addition to its local specialities, this pub-restaurant will captivate you with its hospitality. . All of the equipment, including the children's play area, has been designed to be accessible to handicapped guests. The menu, changing over the course of the seasons, mainly offers dishes with Chimay regional accents .

From the Chimay cheese sandwich to the rabbit à la trappiste by way of the summer salads, the must-have escabeche and the children's plates, you will always find something there to appease your appetite, great or small, with delicious flavours.

PDF Download the Auberge de Poteaupré menu. (PDF - 7616 ko)

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